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John Browne ~ Anger, Hate, Love, chaos and conclusion

If you guys love boogie and heavy groovy music, than I think you heard about John Browne and about he's band called Monuments. Before they start working on the third full-lenght record, John will release the debut album of he's new project, Flux Conduct. Qatsi will be available at the 19th of October. Until than, I had a few questions to John.

Welcome here at Blackbird Music Blog!
Let's start at the beginning. What was the reason or your motivation to start this project?
John Browne: I was angry. I have a total inability to express any sort of emotions to people unless they are positive ones. I use music as a way of releasing those emotions. I've had some things happen over the course of the last 18 months that broke me down to the lowest I've ever been, the only thing that kept me at any sort of level was writing this. I didn't want these emotions being remembered everytime I play live so I put it into a separate project.

The music is similar to Monument's style, but it's also different. What you think? 
I have my thing that I've been doing for the past 12 years. That style is something that just comes out when I play guitar. With this project I wanted to experiment with something I've always wanted to add, the Hans Zimmer. His music is so moving and can be incredibly heavy with orchestral instruments, I wanted to add this into what I do to see if there was any scope about maybe adding something similar with Monuments in future. This was the experiment!

All the songs are instrumental, or are there any stuff with vocals? Any plans to start singing?
I'm working on a vocal release too. Unfortunately, I have the voice of the devil with no idea how to pitch it but I do occasionally write vocal lines (I had some input on both Gnosis and The Amanuensis in some small sections) There is nothing as frutrating as hearing a great vocal melody and being unable to get it down with my voice.

What feelings or thoughts do you express with this songs?
Anger, Hate, Love, chaos and conclusion. The album is a concept. The word 'Qatsi' means 'Life' in hopi Indian. The maze is the hopi indian symbol that represents this word. The turns in the maze represent choices and the centre represents total contentment...This album is kinda of my biography of music on what I've currently experienced with life. It's basically a very small segment of mostly bad things I've seen in myself, other people and the way the world turns.
The story starts with a man (myself) that wakes up surrounded by 12 incarnations of his past, present and future lives. They have all experienced some form of turmoil in their lives and hope their words of wisdom can provide an easier path for the present man. The album is split into 3 sections, 
Naqoyqatsi (Life as war) is about the constant battle with oneself, the ego. Koyaanisqatsi (Life out of balance) is about becoming wiser to the decisions you make and understanding that these decisions will effect everything around you as life is about balance. Powaqqatsi (Life in transformation) is seeing the what is inside other peoples ID's. Trying to not to have your life taken over by diseases of the soul, not too dissimilar to why I wrote this album.

Here is a short write up of the meaning behind each song:
Opening Scene: Perturb (Overture) Present: A man awakens to find himself surrounded by 12 beings, his reincarnations of past, present and future lives. They all found flaws in themselves, their decisions or the way things were on the planet that made their path through life difficult. These things are either problems within themselves, problems they have witnessed in others, or problems they saw with the world we live in. These 12 tell their stories in hope they can carve an easier path for present mankind.

The Shroud: Present - Phase I: This man was subjected to the current technology of the present. He was brainwashed by the advertisements for materialistic possessions that he should have but didn't need. He was so focused on technology that he lost perception of the real world around him. His life and freedom was taken from him by men that believed they are more than his equal.

Agarthian: Past: This man came from Agartha; a mythical city located within 'Hollow Earth'. He tried to warn the world that the technological path they were on can only lead to our own destruction. He was labelled insane for his out of the box thinking.

The Heart of Atlantis: Phase II: From the future, where they gave birth to Artificial intelligence ignoring all warnings and doubts from others in their own arrogance. A.I took over mankind and destroyed all we know. The man made being saw humans as a virus of the planet and began destroying them to restore the rightful balance of nature.

Zealot: Future: This man explains his greed to accumulate more wealth and resources at any cost. Planet Earth started to die. He only understood his love for the planet, all living things and the greatness within himself after he began to destroy it all beyond repair.

Yin: Past - Part I: An older man that is totally content with the decisions he made throughout his life. His understanding that for every positive there will be a negative, The duality between all living things. He explains that every decision in the moment should be chosen wisely and the consequences of each decision should be approached with caution. You need to be happy with yourself to be truly happy. becoming wiser to your choices through experience.

Yang: Past: This entity is a young person with little life experience that has been betrayed be those dearest to them. They would rely on those close to make him content. These choices include the people you trust, the people you befriend, the people you choose to be intimate with, those you chose to spend the rest of your life with. These are factors that can define the imbalance of happiness.

We are creating at this moment, what our tomorrow will be: Future - Part II: A being speaks of becoming wiser to the decisions we make, understanding the butterfly effect that is a part of life. Things at the time may appear to be small, but might ultimately make a huge impact on your life or others for the better or worse later on. Respecting the balance.

Chaosbreaker: Past: This being was able to once restore the order into the world. His words of wisdom were able to unite humanity as one through times of great sorrow. He understood that this unity wouldn't last forever and the cycle would repeat.

Actions speak louder than words: Present: A political man speaks of his experience. He would speak of changing the world to be a better place but ultimately this was his way to feed his own greed. A sheeple population were fooled by his compassionate words.

Hypocrite: Past: He was a man that did the opposite of what he said he was going to do. He travelled the Earth to explore and learn, he ended up taking everything he could for himself and his ego. He would say the words that people would want to hear to fulfil his selfishness.

Siqqatiq: Present: This being understood the human inability to not believe in something. The fear of not having a purpose. We, as a race, put this fear into belief systems, such as religion and science. Whether we believe in a god, or E=MC2, the reasoning for our existence is still unanswered. We will fight for the system we believe in till our last breath, even if this system is ever changing from the original reason we believed in it.

'The physical world we live in is much more complex, in it's design, than what our genetically-gifted sensibilities can consciously demonstrate to us. The perceptions of various frequencies by human senses, allow us to mistakenly assume we are constantly experiencing total reality at any given period of time. In actuality, we are only experiencing through a five sense world, a very narrow sliver of reality.'

The Last Goodbye: Past: A Bi Polar depressant being. He wanted a content life, but his bi polar nature made him send the people he loved away. Constantly not knowing what he wanted or felt, a constant state of confusion. His soul was diseased by what he had witnessed and picked up from others. He took his own life without confronting his demons.

The Scientific Sophism: Present: The visited man was so lost in himself that he can't see past his own existence. He speaks: 'We believe we are the greatest thing that has ever happened and will ever happen. We make no conscious effort to look after the world we live in and we require to survive'. He begins to understand the duality of existence. We must respect each other and all living things. Everything is equal.

Monuments and as I see Flux Conduct has a lot of things about eastern religion, mithology and philosophy. Are you into this things in your real life? 
Yes. I think with every myth there is a truth that has been subjected to Chinese whispers. I believe this when ever I read any 'good book' such as the bible, that has been subjected to years of abuse by changing its true meaning. I believe it teaches the best value anyone can have, which is good intentions, but like anything that starts off great, it has been subjected to years of abuse by those that want to use it for the financial benefit of themselves and their ego. You can see this in every field, Science, Religion, Archeology and even in technology. Unfortunately, human beings will constantly try and finds to believe they are better than another human being.

Any plans to play the Flux Conduct songs live in the future? 
I don't plan on it, but you know, my ego might be subjected to financial gain.

You said you start working on the new Monuments songs after releasing your record. 
Yes, I will start on the next Monuments songs. Olly already has a bunch of great ideas that I cant wait to sink into!

Thank you for your time John. I wish you all the best! 
Thank you buddy!

You can pre-order Qatsi at http://fluxconduct.bigcartel.com/


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