2012. október 16., kedd

Mike Malyan ~ Monuments

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I've caught Mike Malyan of Monuments for a short interview about their first full length record, called Gnosis. We have also talked about a the Euroblast tour and Mike's tour with Periphery. Enjoy!

Hey! Welcome here at the Blackbird Music Blog!
So, Gnosis has been released. I think a big dream came true. How you feel about it?
I'm really relieved to have the record finally out. It was the culmination of many years work, and we knew all the songs in an almost finished state for about 2 years before anyone else got to hear the rest, so when we finally got it out, it was a big weight off our shoulders!

What are your favourite riffs or melodies of the album?
Denial's got some phat grooves in there, I really dig some of Brownes' melodic lines in Doxa and The Uncollective too.

Please tell me about the album cover. It's fantastic!
We had some designs coming together from a different artist for about a month leading up to the album deadline. About one week before the deadline, we got the final designs through, and they really weren't what we had in mind. So we got in contact with a good friend of mine, Fall Mckenzie, who lives near me and Browne, and asked him to come around and save us! He turned up the next day and did some sketches around general themes of the record, which sold us straight away, and he worked through night and day until the deadline came, and we couldn't be happier with the results. He's a really talented dude! He's done 99% of our designs for websites and merchandise since the beginning of Monuments, it's awesome to have his work featured on such a big milestone of ours!

Adam told me that you used a lot of software during the recordings. How you recorded the drums?
We used a mixture of live and programmed drums on the album. We recorded the kit in 3 different parts, firstly just a kick drum in a room, then we took the kick away and recorded the snare and toms, and then we took them away and recorded the cymbals on their own. Then we filled in the gaps with Superior Drummer 2, and various SDX expansions!

What gear you use on the shows?
I'll usually either use my DW Collectors Maple kit, or my Pearl Vision Birch, unless we kitshare with other bands or use rental gear, which we'll be doing on the Euroblast tour. Other than that, I use Vic Firth sticks and currently a mixture of Sabian + Paiste cymbals, essentially just a mismatch of whatever replacements I've been able to find at short notice/low budget.

The great tour will start soon. Which countries are you waiting for the most?
I cant wait to see Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Finland. Also, Italy will be awesome, and I've always wanted to play Prague, and go sightseeing in Italy. And Germany for all the awesome people, and their amazing beer. I just love travelling really.

Are there any plans to release a music video or a tour diary from the shows?
We'll probably capture some moments around the place, it's really hard to document while everything's going on, but we'll do our best. :D

You played with Periphery on their UK tour. Tell me about it!
It was the most last minute thing ever. I woke up with a hangover on Sunday afternoon to find a text from Matt Halpern saying he really needed my help. The first gig was the day afterwards, on Monday, in Reading, and I had to get as many songs down as possible in 24 hours. Somehow I managed to get enough down for it, and introduced a few other tracks as the tour went along, but it was an incredible experience overall! I love those dudes. :)

You will play in Hungary at 11th of november. Do you have any messege for our country?:)
You'd best be ready for some big ol' grooves, we're going to throw down hard!

Thank you for the answers dude! I wish you all the bests on the tour! 
Thanks bro, look forward to meeting you!