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Jamie Postones ~ TesseracT

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Here we go, welcome dude here at Blackbird Music Blog!
Start with the news. Why had Elliot left the band?
To cut a long story short, we reached a point where our ideas weren't quite on the same page. Elliot has an amazing voice and we couldn't be happier with the vocals he laid down for the Perspective EP and the work he's put in for the tours we did together. It's just that we have a different vision for album two.

Are there any ideas for the new vocalist? 
Yes - we're holding auditions at the moment so I can't reveal much more than that. It's definitely going to be interesting though!

Maybe it's hard to answer, but all the members of TesseracT are stabil, but the vocalists aren't, why?
haha, vocalists! We've had the chance to work with some truly stunning vocalists so for that I'm very grateful. However, at our level it's very tough to make a living solely from music performance and album sales. In fact it's nearly impossible, so we lost Dan because simply, he couldn't afford to do this full time for no money - none of us can. 

Let"s talk about the new EP. It was so cool! Who's idea was it, to record an "unplugged" album?
We had the initial idea a very long time ago and it became a reality shortly after our first US tour with The Devin Townsend Project. Dev would do a daily VIP acoustic show and it was alwas such a great and intimate experience for the people watching. 
We wanted to create something a bit different to what's expected from us and we want to have the option to be able to go out and perform one-off 'acoustic' shows. That's a very real option for us and something we'd love to do in the future.

There was a cover, the Dream Brother. Why you've choused that song?
We all love Jeff Buckley. His approach to song writing and performance is unlike anyone else and surpasses every single artist out there - in my opinion. Because of the sheer amount of inspiration we've drawn from him, we wanted to pay our respect by way of a cover of one of our favorite tracks, Dream Brother.

Are there any plans to start working on a new full-lenght record?
We're working very hard on album two at the moment. There's about 35 minutes of material written and about another four songs to go. Then we can begin to rehearse and play around with song stuctures a little. The aim is to have all of the instrumentation down in about a months time so that we can work closely with the new vocalist to get something brand new out as soon as possible.

A lot of fans worldwide wish to see a live proshoot performance from you on a DVD or at the youtube. Are there any possibilityes to have one?
We had a DVD released with 'One' which was received really well. I'm prety sure all of that can be found on youtube too. We'd definitely like to do another DVD though. Especially after a tour when we've had a chance to play the songs every night for a couple of months - that's when they're sounding at their best and we can focus solely on performance.

Whic bands are thouse you love tour with?
All of the bands we've toured with have been great. Not just great musicians but great people too. DTP obviously were the nicest guys and one of the most impressive live bands I've ever seen. Protest the Hero were amazing, as were Animals as Leaders and BTBAM. We've toured with too many amazing bands!
As for who I'd like to tour with: Deftones, Tool, Karnivool... err that's about it. Any of those tours would make me very happy.

Let's talk about drumming!
You're an awesome drummer! You should record a drumming lesson dvd!
Ah thanks. I've thought about this a lot actually and it's something I'd like to do. Although, I don't know anything about music theory so trying to explain the TesseracT rhythms without being able to speak fluent 'music' is very hard.
If I do release lesson videos or make a DVD, it probably won't be a classic 'drum lesson DVD' - I'll come up with something more suited to my abilities and the way I approach playing and learning complex beats / groove.

Why drum is you chousen instrument?
Because I like being loud. I used to play keyboards when I was a kid. My good friend Ste who I was in a band with at the time suggested I try the drums as there was an old classic Premier gold sparkle kit in our school rehearsal room and no one else at the school played drums. So one day, I sat behind the kit as Ste started the intro riff to 'Smells like teen spirit' and I just started to drum. Didn't really have to think about it, I just kind of knew what to hit. That was 15 years ago!

What you think about virtual drums? There are a lot of awesome softwares. Are you using any of them?
I play around with the toontrack software from time to time. Acle writes nearly all of the TesseracT beats though using Superior Drummer. It's the only way we can write and learn this stuff - write a riff or beat and create the repeats on a computer to really learn how the track should groove. It would be way too much of a headfuck to try and learn this stuff without being able to hear a computer play it as tight as it needs to be first.

Please talk about your drums! You're cymbals sounds awesome. 
I play a Crush Sublime Bubinga drum kit, 10, 12, 13 and 16 toms, 22 kick and a 14x5 Maple snare. Crush are a fairly new company out of Tampa in Florida and they make some of the best kits around! I'd played one of their Maple kits in New york about a year ago and fell in love. they sent me out a Bubinga kit to try out and that was all the convincing I needed to switch from Tama to Crush. The Crush kit just looked and sounded completely beautiful. They have all of the tone and attention to detail of the highest-end kits at a fraction of the price.
Cymbals - I use Sabian. I change them round quite a lot depending on whether I'm on tour or in the studio but I mostly use HH, AA, AAX and Vault. I like playing around with different stacks too, my personal favorite being a 17" AAX china with a 10" ozone splash. Fizzes nicely!
Heads - Evans EC2 top and G1 bottom, Emad2 kick and Power Centre reverse on the snare. I've found that combination gives me the perfect amount of tone and projection I need both live and in the studio.

Who are you're favourite drummers?
I don't follow too many drummers to be honest but there's a few who I have immense amounts of respect for. Morgan Agren is simply stunning. I had the immense pleasure of watching him perform live a few years back o nthe Melloboat with Frederik from Meshuggah.
Matt from Periphery is a beast. One of the few guys I know who can really play and will be remembered and known for his incredible ability before his band (who are amazing too!).
Stef Broks from Textures. One of the grooviest bastards around!
Tomas from Meshuggah - obviously
RVP from the Devin Townsend Project - awsomely tight drummer.
the list goes on. To be honest, it's most of the guys I've toured with. Oh Navene too from Animals as Leaders. Ridiculous drummer!

What you think about that djent"fashion"? Everybody wants now a band with complex riddims and with djenty riffs.
It's the new fashion I guess. We're very lucky that the style of music Acle writes has been dubbed worthy of it's own genre / sub-genre. It's definitely helped bands like us, Periphery etc climb the ladder pretty quickly and it's really cool that so many people like it and want to start bands of their own.

Do you have any other band or project beside TesseracT?
Yes, I play in an instrumental band called Heights - www.facebook.com/heightsuk
We've been going about the same time as TesseracT and have put out a couple of albums and EPs. It's a lot of fun for me because I get to write 100% of the drum parts and play with two of the best musicians I know. There's not a business behind the band which is one of the reasons you won't have heard of us but we're creating very honest material and it's genuinely some of my favorite music - Al (guitars) is a bit of a legend.
Check it out if you have a few minutes!

Thank you so much for your time Jamie! I hope you will find a new awesome singer soon!
Cheers dude. Thanks for the interview.